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We offer repayment via Direct Debit (preferred for it’s flexibility), Automatic Payment, Bill Payment, Telephone Banking, or in cash (with valid I.D) through our branches. We also accept payment into our bank account at any one of BNZ’s branches or smart ATM network across NZ.


Your Loan agreement will expect repayments of a set amount and on a set date every week, fortnight or month (depending on your income).
To avoid your loan becoming overdue and being charged default interest and/or default fees, it is important to maintain these repayments.
If you have any issue, such as being ill from work without pay, unexpected one-off bills or something similar, please contact us before missing your repayment, so that our team can work through this problem with you, and provide any available options.
If you have missed an installment we will contact you, so it’s also important to keep us up to date with your correct contact details.


The Team here at Real Finance are wholeheartedly committed to providing you with a superior standard of service & support. If you are struggling with your regular budgeting, we may be able to help.

It’s important that you contact us to explain what is happening to you, so we can get up to speed and provide guidance on the options that are available, and how to proceed as quickly as possible, before the damage becomes too great.

You can call us on 0800 21 21 21, come into a branch, send us written mail, email us or fill out our online unforeseen hardship form & we will respond promptly to your problems.