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How it Works – Provided by Real Finance Limited, our team of dedicated professionals will provide you with the personal, tailored attention that you deserve from a Responsible Lender. We ensure our valued clients are eligible to borrow and able to repay these short term loans by asking for information designed to quickly work out:

  • Who You Are – We verify your identity and address to make sure we know our clients and our clients needs.
  • What You Can Afford – We assess your affordability to make sure your loan repayments are able to be made on time, every time.


Use the calculator below to see what you will repay and compare terms and costs, then click Apply Now to get things sorted!

What will I repay on $500?

Your repayments would be as low as a Month at per annum interest. This includes your loan and fees ($50 Establishment Fee plus $8 Monthly Administration Fee - for each month the loan is open).
Remember this is a guide for paying monthly (you may pay weekly or fortnightly also) and if you do not pay correctly you may be charged default interest and default fees.
Total You Will Repay: - Finish Around

Interestfree loans will have a term of between 3 and 12 months. You may repay at any time without any early repayment fee.

APR example – A borrower of a $500 interest free loan, repaying the loan over a maximum 12 month term – subject to an Establishment fee of $50 and (generally) 12 Monthly administration fees of $8 each – repayable with 12 equal monthly installments of $53.83.  This returns an APR of 29.2%

Example – A loan over 12 months will cost $646 if repaid correctly. This is the $500 loan, a $50 establishment fee and  $96 in accumulated $8 monthly administration fees.