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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need any help answering anything please contact our friendly team. We’re here to help today.

This website offers loans of $500 interest free, so long as you have not been a client of Real Finance Limited before.

If you have been a client of ours before you can access our normal Loan Range but this will have interest added.

Yes! A first time loan through will be completely interest free!

If you default – miss part of any repayment and become behind on the loan –  you may be charged default interest and other charges to recover the outstanding balance.

We have terms of between 3 and 12 months for these loans, and repayments to suit your budget.

Your contract will state the repayment and term of the loan, which will be discussed beforehand.

You can also settle (pay off) your loan in full at any time without any settlement fees.

See How it Works?

Identification – valid Photo ID is required. This can be either a current Passport or Firearms License. If using a Drivers License, you must also provide other ID. Please contact us to list other options.

Proof of Address – Rates Notice, Tenancy Agreement, Utilities Bill – Are among some acceptable types.

Proof of Income – A 90-day bank statement from your bank (either on paper, or via our E-Bank system) enables us to calculate your affordability.

Apply Online right now, supply the needed documents, and get an answer in around 60 minutes time (during business hours).

Of course you can! Real Finance Limited provides these loans for less than the cost to us for establishing and running your account – We do this transparently to promote better lending practices and support from the financial sector, along with allowing borrowers to make good choices when they borrow money. 

APR example – A borrower of a $500 interest free loan, repaying the loan over a 12 month term – subject to an Establishment fee of $50 and (generally) 12 Monthly administration fees of $8 each – repayable with 12 equal monthly installments of $53.83.  This returns an APR of 29.2%